Saturday, 14 January 2012

In the beginning .... no-one changes

In the beginning God created Africa.... 

I never believed I would ever leave South Africa, but eventually the foreign shores beckoned. Once a sense of justice prevailed in the NEW South Africa, I felt I could move on. In February 2002 my husband left to start building a home fire for us in his home country of Wales. I followed, 3 children in tow 13, 12 and 5, in the April of 2002. 

We have spent the past ten years building a home, getting used to the weather and exploring the wonderful history and culture of the UK. Externally EVERYTHING has changed. We now carry a few (ahem) extra pounds, some wrinkles and we live a life so different from our previous one that we no longer refer to it.

However, no-one ever changes on the inside. Perhaps we may learn to alter our behaviour to suit our new environment. Perhaps we learn that certain actions get better results than others, but I truly believe no-one ever changes. If you know someone, and they have changed beyond all recognition then what you saw in the beginning was not their true self. Perhaps it was kept hidden from you and perhaps they played a role or character they wished you to believe they were. People don't change. 

My career has changed completely - originally a Live Event Producer and Artist Manager in SA to a Manager of a Deli and PR Manager for a group of Restaurants. Fundamentally though, I am the same person. I wish I could bring some of my old behaviour back, but I have learnt that it does not fit in here. When I lie awake at night, I know who I am, warts and all.

All I ask is that we try hard, every day, to show our true selves. Leave the acting to the John Simms of the world.

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