Friday, 11 July 2014

A Novel!

I knew that when I was gifted the summer vacation of nine weeks, that I would have to face the prospect of making a hard decision. It was a decision so many writers have to make in this changing world we write in, I had to decide if I gave up the dream of being conventionally published, and to go with the more modern idea of self publishing. Those two little words normally spell F A I L U R E to me - no offence to all those self published authors out there - including Fifty Shades of Grey author - whatshername!

I suppose once I sat down and decided to write the heart wrenching story of a young girl, growing up in Apartheid South Africa in the eighties, I dreamt that it would end up, sitting proudly on bookshelves, in Waterstones and beyond. I never envisioned so many no thank yous! Agents around the world declined the offer of representing such a work. So, the real, tangible copy, was not meant to be. Instead, after my first week off, I decided, Amazon digital download was the way to go.

My talented son, Luke, designed a beautiful cover for me so then I logged on, and after a few short hours, the book, in all its glory, was available to download for $2.99.

So now, I blog, tweet, Instagram and Facebook to the world - It's here - it's available to download - please take some time and have a read. I would love to know what you think, perhaps sooner rather than later - before I bother to start the next one! Can I write? Is it interesting? Did I manage to hold your attention? I truly would like to know your thoughts...