Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Having an Opinion

I am not sure why, with all the outlets we have today, it is so hard to share an opinion.

Being able to express your opinion, on any subject, seems a near impossibility, without facing a firing squad. In fact, a recent voicing of my own opinion has led to a family feud. When we hear someones take on a subject, should we not only be allowed to, share our own opinion, but perhaps also enter into discussion about it?

Is this not how, historically, we came to pool ideas, create change and grow as individuals. If you see any opinion based posts on facebook or twitter, have you seen the immediate backlash these can have? How do we create a safe environment where all of us do not feel it is an attack on our character but rather a difference of opinion? Why can we not open ourselves up and discuss this in an articulate manner, with the sole purpose being to engage and share with one another? Is it really necessary to ignore a difference of opinion in order to validate our own?

I would love to be able to feel safe to share my views and thoughts on any number of subjects, but in fear of creating further offences, perhaps best not to on social media. But if not there, then where? If we give in to the pressure of others, then do we not lose our freedom of speech?

I would like to say a big middle finger to those who do not respect my opinion, who refuse to engage in a discussion, but alas, this will only lead to further offending!

Perhaps the key is to search inwards. Do I allow others to share with me, do I listen or attack? Am I a good example of a respectful 'opinion listener'? Probably not. I am as much to blame as everyone else. I hope to improve on this... perhaps we all could?