Monday, 3 September 2012

Summer Holidays

I am staring down the last two days of my summer holidays. Now we all know it's not really been summer. In fact it has been the wettest summer in the history of living memory. This however, was not going to be getting in the way of me enjoying my 18 and a half days of leave.

Luckily I had not planned to camp, caravan or mobile home, neither do I go away much, so no such arrangements or high expectations could be foiled. I enjoyed my time in my lovely house, in its medieval village, in the beautiful countryside of South Wales. I have gardened, decorated, spring-cleaned, enjoyed countless meals out on the deck (we did see the sun on quite a number of days!), read on my swing and even caught up my filing. Together with my friends I have had plenty of good meals and laughs, gone to the beach, shopped and even gotten to the movies. My youngest turned 16 and started her first Saturday job. My eldest handed in his final film for his Masters.

My husband and daughter Asha, spent the two weeks prior to my leave with family in South Africa, so we were thoroughly spoilt by their generosity on their return. Gifts, food, sweets and chocolates galore.

But certainly the highlight was watching the Olympics and the Paralympics. What a privilege to have seen them held here. The national spirit and energy of enthusiasm and encouragement has renewed my faith a little in humanity. And boy can Danny Boyle put on a show!

So when I return to work on Wednesday I know I will feel rested and relaxed, happy and contented. God only knows how long that will last? Perhaps till Wednesday lunch time!

PS. I can't ignore that my heart ached terribly in these holidays too. I held our hamster in it's dying hour and had to bury him the next day, I still miss you Esra.