Friday, 11 July 2014

A Novel!

I knew that when I was gifted the summer vacation of nine weeks, that I would have to face the prospect of making a hard decision. It was a decision so many writers have to make in this changing world we write in, I had to decide if I gave up the dream of being conventionally published, and to go with the more modern idea of self publishing. Those two little words normally spell F A I L U R E to me - no offence to all those self published authors out there - including Fifty Shades of Grey author - whatshername!

I suppose once I sat down and decided to write the heart wrenching story of a young girl, growing up in Apartheid South Africa in the eighties, I dreamt that it would end up, sitting proudly on bookshelves, in Waterstones and beyond. I never envisioned so many no thank yous! Agents around the world declined the offer of representing such a work. So, the real, tangible copy, was not meant to be. Instead, after my first week off, I decided, Amazon digital download was the way to go.

My talented son, Luke, designed a beautiful cover for me so then I logged on, and after a few short hours, the book, in all its glory, was available to download for $2.99.

So now, I blog, tweet, Instagram and Facebook to the world - It's here - it's available to download - please take some time and have a read. I would love to know what you think, perhaps sooner rather than later - before I bother to start the next one! Can I write? Is it interesting? Did I manage to hold your attention? I truly would like to know your thoughts...

Thursday, 27 February 2014

2013 - Interesting year of change

So no posts in the whole of 2013 - is that because I had the most free time I have had in the last decade? Probably! It often seems to work that way, the busier you are the more you accomplish and vice versa.

The year started with my two oldest children moving away from home and on to London, both hoping to catch their stars. Followed swiftly on with me being made redundant in March. Not sure how that is supposed to make you feel, but after the initial blow to the ego, I started to look forward to doing something new. Managing the Deli had become a burden instead of a pleasure.

Well, I have to be honest, I had a fantastic six months off over the summer. I spent many days sitting in the sun, sipping a glass of wine or looking out at the ocean with a Peroni in hand. A dear friend had a hip replacement so what a brilliant excuse to play chauffeur and go pub crawling. Best summer I have had in a long time. No time was spent writing, but plenty of time was spent gardening, going to the gym, walking the dogs and eating.

My hubby started a new job away from home, so it took some time getting used to him away during the week as opposed to the weekends. I had gotten used to him gigging every weekend so it seemed very odd. No more gigging for him.

I did try my book synopsis out on a lot of agents though. No luck. After at least three rewrites, and many an enveloped stamped, I threw in the towel. It was not meant to be.

In September I took up a new job at a local College, part time administration for the Catering department - I can't seem to get away from food!

Once back in a routine my thoughts turned to my writing. A new story had started to take form and I have taken a number of months allowing it to take shape. I have spent a day exploring mid Wales, which is where it will be set. And am planning a weekend getaway to return there in the next month or two.

However, there is this niggle. My first book sits on my laptop, seeing no light of day. So before I can commit to my next novel, I am going to e - publish. I hope to have it all up and running on Amazon in the next few weeks so I shall keep you posted. My lovely son is designing me a cover picture as we I write this.

Change is certainly the thing we need to embrace the most. It is what happens to all of us, regularly, so we have to learn to move with those bends and turns in the road. The more adaptable we are the less stress we have in our life.

In the meantime - I am off to the land of Kindles, fonts and book jackets!